Share Your Story With Others

You have some interesting stories to tell. Stories that can encourage other home-schoolers – maybe make them laugh, or smile, or think. We want to help tell those stories. We are beginning with the 8 story lines below. The purpose is to share with others on this website.

» Become a superhero: We can change your name, or enough details, so as to hide your true identity. We'll help you in every way we can – except teaching you how to fly.

» Reveal your true identity: If you have a blog/website/Facebook page and you want us to include that information, we will. Just tell us. We're easy.

» Say a lot: Tell your complete story by sending us an email at

» Say a little: Don't want to write your long life story? Just drop us a line and one of our producers will get back with you. We can record your story, and then re-tell it for you. It doesn't get much easier than that.

» Other ideas: If you have ideas for other story lines, pass them along too. We may use them in a future effort.

Okay - get cracking! Send your long or short email to

And be sure to let your home-schooling friends know about this too, in case they have a story to share. Thank you for your help!

Grandparents who home-school

In the past few years, we have noticed a growing trend of grandma and/or grandpa teaching their grandchildren. Is this you? There are many reasons why. We'd like to hear your story. Please send us an email to

Meet the Parents

Maybe you were fortunate that your parents supported your decision to home-school. But, often, that is not the case. If your parent(s) were not supportive of your decision to home-school, we are interested in hearing how you have managed it. Did you decide to agree to disagree? Do they still hassle you by sending links to news stories disparaging of home-schooling? Did they write you out of their will? Please send us an email to and tell us your story..

Meet the In-Laws

In some ways, this could be harder. Your spouse and your parents are onboard with home-schooling, but your in-laws are a different story. What's that been like for you, your spouse, and your children? Please send us an email to and tell us your story.

Single Parenting

There are all kinds of challenges for the single parent who home-schools. Financial pressures. Lack of emotional support. Doing everything. Please tell us your story by sending us an email at

(not) all MY children

Not everyone home-schools all of their children. Some children stay in public/private school, while their siblngs are taught at home. There are many reasons for this. We are not interested in the reasons "why" as much as we are on how this impacts the dynamics within your house. But you might have a cool reason for the "why", so tell us if you want to ("My oldest child ran off and joined the circus in his senior year of high school..."). Enlighten us. Please send us an email to

Double Vision

Do you home-school twins? Triplets? Quadruplets? We are especially interested in families where multiple birth children are home-schooled along with other siblings, so we can learn what your experiences are between the two groups. But we would also like to hear from home-schoolers with just a set of twins (or triplets, etc). Please send us an email to

Moving in the middle of the home-school year

Have you ever had to move right in the middle of the school year while you were home-schooling? How did you wind down your studies, and then ramp them back up again? How did you use elements of the move in your home-schooling? Moving can be stressful enough as it is. Send us an email at and tell us how you did it. What lessons did you learn? What would you do differently?

Field trips everywhere

We have all gone to places like museums for our field trips, But what was the most unusual field trip you have taken your kids on? What do they talk about years after you went? How did you get the idea? What made it special? What field trip planning advice do you give to other home-schoolers? Surprise us. We'd like to hear all about it. Please send the details to us at